English Bulldog Puppy Crying While Eating
This english bulldog puppy likes to cry and squeak while he eats. Try not to weep out of sheer cuteness.
Posted: 2011-03-01 Video   Comments (2)
Circle The Cat
Try to circle the cat with the colored dots without letting the cat get away. Be aware, this cat is an asshole!
Posted: 2010-02-16 Game   Comments (148)
Why Is Google Always Suggesting Twilight?
Why is it that whenever I search for something on google, they suggest something about twilight?
Posted: 2009-07-15 Picture   Comments (5)
A Bunch Of Funny Names For Your Wi-fi Network
Everyone loves going on their laptop in hopes of finding an open internet source to use and seeing a network called 'steamybabybatter'. Here are some other similarily fashioned wi-fi names found in the wild.
Posted: 2009-07-01 Picture   Comments (76)
A Chart Of When I Play Games On My iPhone
Here is an interesting chart I created of the times I actually play the games that are on my iPhone.
Posted: 2009-06-18 Picture   Comments
Oren Lavie - Her Morning Elegance
This is a crazy awesome music video, all taking place on a bed.
Posted: 2009-02-17 Video   Comments (4)
James The Narcoleptic Tree Cutter
Give James a beer and a pillow, and he'll take care of your trees in no time.
Posted: 2009-02-17 Video   Comments
A Clever Guitar Store Front
Bonus: all the dials go up to 11.
Posted: 2009-02-12 Picture   Comments
14 Sperm Bank Workers Drown In Tragic Spill
The red cross is asking local masturbaters for emergency donations and has set up dozens of sperm drive locations in church basements throughout the area.
Posted: 2009-02-11 Video   Comments
Michael Cera Flips Out On Movie Set
Michael Cera does a good Christian Bale...
Posted: 2009-02-11 Video   Comments
Top 10: Seinfeld Moments
What's the deal with steel wool? Is is steel? Or is it wool? Although it is an unfeasible endeavor, here is an attempt at the 10 greatest seinfeld moments.
Posted: 2009-02-11 Video   Comments (3)
Testing Bullet Proof Glass
Back in the day, the only way to test bullet proof glass was to have your wife hold it up to her face and then shoot at it.
Posted: 2008-12-02 Video   Comments
Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving, here's some turkey porn, that is all...
Posted: 2008-11-27 Video   Comments (1)
Fat Drunk Guy Gets Dart In The Face
You know you've failed at life when you're fat drunk and have darts sticking out of your face and back.
Posted: 2008-11-26 Video   Comments (2)
Man Casually Steals $3000 Mower In Broad Daylight
It's easy to steal when regular customers give you a hand.
Posted: 2008-11-26 Video   Comments
Drunk Driver Runs Over Himself
At one point I was expecting 2 guys to get out of the car screaming BEES! BEES! SAVE YOURSELVES!
Posted: 2008-11-26 Video   Comments
Female Cop Can't Drive For Shit
Just further proof that females suck at driving, even when it's their job.
Posted: 2008-11-25 Video   Comments (4)
Greatest Love Story Between A Dog And A Duck
Although my love for animal porn is extreme, this just seems a little weird to me, especially towards the end there...
Posted: 2008-11-25 Video   Comments
Underwear Warning
Lets just hope it's not dark...
Posted: 2008-11-25 Picture   Comments (1)
Rope Swing Failure
At least the jagged rocks were there to break her fall...
Posted: 2008-11-25 Video   Comments (2)
How To Transport Bricks In Bangladesh
Who needs a wheelbarrow when you can just put all of the weight onto your neck and back.
Posted: 2008-11-25 Video   Comments
People Boarding A Train In India
The only rule for providing a service in India is 'profit before safety'.
Posted: 2008-11-25 Video   Comments (1)
Ryan Obyrne Scores In His Own Net
Rule #1 of hockey: Never score on your own goal, when your goalie is pulled. Rule #2 of hockey: Have long sweaty greasy hair throughout your whole life.
Posted: 2008-11-25 Video   Comments
Guy Tries To Jump Through Basketball Hoop
You know why they had 2 cameras capturing this? Because his friends knew he was about to do something extremely stupid. Friends of stupid people can learn from these guys.
Posted: 2008-11-25 Video   Comments (1)
Bulldog Escapes From Car
This is why you always close all your windows when leaving a dog in the car, especially when it's really hot out, seeing how that's when they'll want to get out the most.
Posted: 2008-11-24 Video   Comments (1)

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