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Roid Head Loves Himself
Is it possible to love yourself more than this guy does?
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A Bunch Of Peter Griffin Look-a-Likes
Well not quite a bunch, more like 6, but their still entertaining...
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An Awesome Computer Setup
One time I walked into a party with this on and got laid like 5 times that night... True story.
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Insane Bike Path
Take a stroll down this bike path via head camera and wonder to yourself why you don't see any dead bodies on the side of the path...
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How Evolution Happens
This is a short 3D film showing how evolution works featuring fish, amphibians, reptiles, dinosaurs, mammals, and primates.
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Through The Panama Canal In 75 Seconds
This is a time lapse video of a ship going through the Panama canal in 75 seconds.
Young Girl Plays Kansas On Organ
She's pretty good considering she's pretty much playing like 3 seperate instruments. That and she's got a scarf on...
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Google Maps Gone Bad
Google maps has just gone too far this time. It's getting to be a bit creepy.
Lemurs Are Crackheads
Or should I say millipede-heads...
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Hairy Chest Tee
I knew that one day of male modeling would come back and haunt me.
7.5 Trillion Crabs Invade Christmas Island
Every year between October and Decemeber around 7 trillion crabs invade this island to lay their eggs on the other side of the island, and then crawl back. Not sure why they don't just swim there...
Possibly The Worst Video Game Created
Sort the books in order according to the categories listed in the Library of Congress Catalog. I couldn't get past the first level, or I quit... One of the two.
The Writers Of Lost
This video shows how the 'Lost' writers come up with their crazy intricate ideas.
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Half Man, Half Hippo
This man has the largest mouth you will ever see. I bet he can reach those molars with ease...
Prank Leads To Injury, What A Surprise
Pranks are usually only funny if someone who's fat gets injured. This one hits the jackpot. Injury, fat, funny...

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