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The Oracle Of Bacon
Find what degree of seperation any actor/actress has with Kevin Bacon and what movies they were in.
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Paintball The Game
Probably not the kind of paintball your thinking of, but still rather entertaining.
Giant Sized Sticky Man Crawls Down Building
You know those little sticky guys you used to throw at a wall and they'd slowyly crawl down the wall and it was awesome...? Imagine a huge one crawling down a skyscraper.
Lets Pound A Nail Into My Hand Today Friends
You know the description I posted like 2 videos down...? Ya that stands for these guys as well.
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Walking Scooter
This seems like both a waste of time and energy. Leave it to the Japanese...
The Ramp Van
Its a good thing evolution will weed out these idiots via natural selection, or humanity would be in for a world of hurt.
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Old People Hurting Themselves
Seeing old people falling down and hurting themselves is funny to me.
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Swimming On Top Of A Waterall
People swim on top of this 100 foot waterfall in Zimbabwe as if it were safe...
Top 10: Cops On A Power Trip
You should never go anywhere without a video camera, especially when your about to get your ass kicked by a power hungry cop, or get arrested for waving to a friend.
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Japanese Ronald McDonald
Is it any surprise that the Japanese Ronald McDonald is completly bat shit crazy? I think the objective here is to brainwash children into eating their disgusting food.
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The Family That Walks On All Fours
Are they mentally ill? Is it a process of evolution going in reverse? Or does their family tree consist of countless insestual encounters resulting in illegitimate children? The world may never know.
Underdog - The Way It Was Supposed To Be Done
The whole time I was watching this video, the only thing that I wanted to do was click pause, close my window, improperly turn off my computer, and throw it out it my window, hoping it would get run over by a semi...
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It Costs $134 Million To Make $80 Million In Pennies
Solution: Get rid of pennies... No one uses them, no one carries them, no one wants them. I throw mine away.
Enough Tanning Lotion?
If your gonna make your face orange via tanning lotion, at least cover your whole face with it.
A game where you can shift and stuff. I beat it in like 600 seconds or whatever it said. Somewhat entertaining.

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