There were 50 items posted in March 2007.

Tuck That In!
This lady is giving birth to a hippopotamus on a public bench.
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Impatient Elevator Passenger
A guy goes on a rampage after waiting too long for an elevator to close.
Cum Shot Photoshop Tutorial
Learn how to make your friends have cumshots on their faces via photoshop.
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Plane Crash During Baseball Game
A plane crashes during a little league baseball game.
Dear guy who shuts off the lights while Iím shitting,
A letter to the guy that shuts off the lights while I'm taking a dump at work.
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Another Gem
I have no way of describing this.
Hulk Hogan Singing
Its embarassing for me to watch this. I can't imagine how he must feel while watching this.
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Tony Radloff On Cereal
A nerd talks about cereal on his public access TV show circa 1989.
Donald Rumsfeld
Late night talk show host Craig Ferguson takes a look back at some of the great moments when U.S. Politician Donald Rumsfeld was featured on the show.
Pretty Sneaky
Some nerds take a crazy picture.
Dinner In The Sky
Want to have dinner while 200 feet in the air... me either.
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Maybe They Wanted A Moat...
When China asks you to move due to future land development, you problaby should.
5 Minutes To Kill Yourself
Kill yourself in 5 minutes or you have to sit through another office meeting.
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Make Your Own Bush Speech
Put words together and have Bush say it. Pretty entertaining...
I Won't Spoil It In The Title
The funniest thing is the reporter has no idea what just happened.

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