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Top 10: Ways To Die Like a Badass
This is for all of you that are looking for a good way to go out! And be remebered as a badass... or an idiot... one of the two
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Huge Ridiculous Wrist Watch
Custom wrist watches made for Janet Reno.
Comics: Arlo & Janis
Arlo had a rough one last night.
Video Dissection: Saved By The Bell Fight
Zack and Slater get into some fisticuffs, heres how it went down.
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Pimp My Cart
A quick description of every episode of Pimp My Ride.
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Picture Analyzation: Guy In Diapers
The memoirs of Stewart, the guy in diapers.
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Top 5: Most Unrealistic Movie Scenes
What movie has Arnold made that is realistic? Junior? Probably.
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Top 10: Ways To Take Advantage Of Global Warming
Don't let global warming get you down. You can make some cold hard cash off this world-wide disaster!
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A Rapist's Worst Nightmare
I'd stop raping people if I were you.
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Top 5: Interactions Between Stewie And Brian
This is strictly my opinion, but since I force my opinions onto others, this is the ultimate top 5 list that everyone has to and will agree with.
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Sweet Jesus!
A life size Jesus made out of chocolate, what more could you ask for?
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Will Ferrell Skit - Crazy Old Gold Prospector
One of the funniest Will Ferrel skits ever.
Drunken Games: Stove Hand
A drinking game that is fun for the whole family.
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Principal Throws Shit at a Student
"I couldn't take it anymore. It was total, total frustration"
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Sex Offenders Banished, Forced To Live Under Bridge
Which is what they get, for offending sex.
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