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Quizno's Owner Knocks Out Homeless Guy
Who doesn't like a good ol' fashioned bum whooping?
Let Are Kids Walk
With signs like these they don't deserve to graduate.
The Whiskey To Water Trick
I tried this trick many times and failed miserably in front of every one. All I ended up doing is wasting whiskey and making my drivers license smell like booze. So make sure you practice this one before doing it in front of a crowd.
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Make Your Very Own Condom Plant
Gather a few ingredients and your set for a day of homoerotic laughter.
The Longest Wheelie Ever
This kid does a very nice wheelie on his bicycle. I tried this once and got about 4 full pedal rotations on my sweet dyno VFR. God I was the coolest...
The Original Office Space
This is the cartoon short called Office Space made by Mike Judge that inspired the real movie.
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Microsoft Surface
Check out these videos of Microsoft Surface. I totally want one of these!
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Shaking 3D Images
These pictures are constantly shaking and appear to be 3D.
Boob Staring Game
Catch a peek at your buddy's girlfreind's boobs if your fast enough, don't let her catch you staring at her tits.
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The Ostrich People
Apparently years of incest will give you ostrich feet.
A Bunch Of Great Bush Moments
George Bush + Camera = Hilarity
Top 20: Price Is Right Mishaps
With 35 years of being on the air, there are bound to be some things that go wrong.
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The Disturbing Metamorphosis Of An Egg To A Chick
Just make sure you're scrambling these within the first couple stages.
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Woman Steals Sperm After Oral Sex To Get Pregnant
After the child was born the woman filed a paternity suit seeking $800 a month for child support. Lesson to be learned: Make sure you physically see her spit or swallow, don't let her leave with a mouthful.
Honda ASIMO Robot Demo Gone Wrong
This is exactly what you don't want to happen while demoing a robot.

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