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Make A Functional Bass Out Of Balloons
This is way to complicated for me, but if you can pull this off at a party, I guarantee you get laid by at least 3 ladies.
Fat Lazy and Poor
I suggest tying it to her chair and just pulling it from behind, that way she would look even more stupid. Oh and she's poor because she can't afford to hire someone else to do this.
An Untrustworthy ATM
This reminds me of that Family Guy episode with that dirty hillbilly in a cardboard box being an ATM. "Theres a $3 service charge, do ya'll accept?"
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The Bear Prank
A large guy, in a large bear suit scares people at some sort of sporting event. There's nothing like good ol' clean humor to start your day off right.
Another Stupid Criminal
This idiot fills out an application for a job before he robs the place... Complete numbskull!
Now You Can Become A Master Of The Internet
Become a master of the internet with Dales easy 3 step program. You can chat with woman, check football scores, chat with men... about football, and much more.
Onion: Ancient Blockbuster Museum
Historic Blockbuster store offers a glimpse of how movies were rented long ago in ancient times.
The Duct Tape Prank
Well he's stupid enough to try to undo his head with his hands, but at least he didn't try to undo his hands with his feet, because that would be pretty stupid and stuff...
This Guy Is OK At The Accordion
I never knew there was anyone good at this instrument. I just assumed everyone was awful at it, probably because it's always nerds who play it. And what nerd do you know thats good at an instrument.
The Facebook Gangsta
This is genius... Quote: "You wonder how I already lurk, simple son, we share the same network."
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Stupidest Criminals Ever
2 Idiots try to break into a building by smashing a window. As you can probably assume, it doesn't work out too well.
Marathon Runner Shits Himself
These guys clearly stop at nothing while running these marathon races. And if your going to eat mexican food beforehand you might want to wear a diaper.
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Trailer: Step Brothers
Heres the new trailer for Step Brothers with Will Ferrell And John C. Reilly. It looks rather humerous.
Soccer: Double Nut Shot Into Face Shot
I'm pretty sure after this happens its time to take up a different hobby, such as collecting stamps.
Girl Passes Out During American Gladiator Audition
Umm you didn't answer me, you just kind of trailed off there...

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