There were 54 items posted in June 2007.

Build Your Own iPhone In Three Easy Steps
Why wait in line for days when you could make your very own iPhone.
The Unluckiest Skydiver
This will definalty change your mind about going skydiving. I never wanted to in the first place, and this just reasures it.
I Like Turtles
This has become an overnight internet sensation... Somehow. Who knows maybe he's retarded or something.
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iPhone Day
A brilliantly produced video about the endeavors one goes through without an iphone.
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Wendys Customer Punches Employee Over Manners
I get the urge to punch Wendys employees as well, but not because they have bad manners... It's because my burger always looks like diarrhea.
Panda Prison Break
Here's the Michael Scofield of Pandas!
The Opening Of The First Apple Store In Japan
This videos depicts the line in front of the first Apple store ever opened in Japan.
Weird Al Yankovics Parody Of Bob Dylan
It's a parody of Bob Dylan's 'Subterranean Homesick Blues' done completely in palindromes.
Top 10: Worst Inventions From American Inventor
I don't know where these people come up with these things, nor do I know why they think they are good, nor do I know why they would go on national television to promote it... All I know is they are hilarious!
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Memoirs Of A Bicyclist
It may be vulgar, but he speaks for all bicyclists...
A Bunch Of Really Clever Advertisements
Why have I never seen any of these crazy advertisements anywhere? Are they all in Japan or what? Are they they only people who enjoy clever advertisements?
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DOT Report Urges Drivers To Honk To Clear Traffic
Brought to you by The Onion. I never knew it could be this easy until I saw the example. I'm gonna try this on my way home from work today!
Crazy Japanese Baseball Pitch
I don't know if it was a strike or not, but either way it was crazy awesome.
Will Ferrell - Bad Cop
You've seen Will Ferrell and his daughter Pearl in 'The Landlord', now watch them in Bad Cop.
Aliens Make Drunken Crop Circle
Actually it was just some crack-head evading police...

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