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You Know Your A Douche When...
...you dress up like some queer from everquest, and have a fake fight. I mean how old are these guys like 30?
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The New Segway Centaur
Its the new 4 wheeled seqway. Havn't these people ever heard of walking anywhere? Physical activity? I havn't, that's probably why I'll buy when it comes out.
Give Him A Towel
Help a guy out, donate this guy a towel... Towelie would be in heaven.
Faceball: A Game Of Skill, Cleverness, and Logic
Or just throwing a ball at each others face... either way it looks like a good time after a few drinks.
Taking a Nap During a Speech Is Completely Barbaric
Robert Byrd is my new favorite politician.
You Know You've Done Too Much Speed When...
If I owned a business I'd probably hire this guy to stand outside it and just attract a crowd by yelping, whistling and clapping.
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Guy Passes Out On To Catch A Predator
Maybe the blood was somewhere else besides his brain... I love this show, why can't they all pass out like this. It would make the show even greater.
Top 6: Stupidest Things To Be Afraid Of
I can see how you could be afraid of spiders, snakes, Chuck Norris or even bananas... But this shit? This is just ridiculous! Thanks Maury for exploiting peoples fears for our entertainment.
White Couple With Black Kid Paternity Test
The boys just got a "year round tan".
Crazy Old Man Outruns Cops On Scooter
For some reason this reminds me of the episode of Seinfeld where George gets chased by the senile scooter gang.
Learn How To Play Bohemian Rhapsody On Acoustic
Sure he wears a pink shirt and has a greasy ponytail, but this guy does work on his classical guitar. I gotta go get working on this one...
Blind Kid With Dolphin Like Senses
Once he can play the piano like Ray I'll give him some props, but until then... He's just another blind kid thats better than me at video games.
How To Shit In Space
Ever wonder how you shit in space? Well lets find out... Buckle up.
Motorcycle Weaving Through Japanese Traffic
This just goes to show you, if you want to get anywhere in Japan without it taking 3 days you have to ride a motorcycle. Oddly enough about 90% of the vehicles were semis and commercial vehicles and what not.
Will You Scratch My Nuts For Me?
This guy is handcuffed when his balls start to itch... bad timing. But you're probably worse off if you deny a breathalizer because of your itchy balls, and then ask the cop to itch them for you.

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