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Thats What I Think Of TV News
A man was charged with assaulting his mother - a 79 YO Philadelphia Common Pleas judge, and when a female reporter went to his home for comment, he flashed her.
The Greatest Socks Ever
After seeing these, my garfield socks are now rendered worthless.
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The New Apple iRack
Steve Jobs releases his newest Apple product the iRack. Finally Mad TV shat something out worth watching. This is hilarious!
Peter Is Just Fat
This is one of the greatest clips from Family Guy ever! The doctor keeps feeding them complete nonsense over and over.
Senior Prank Stalls Traffic For a While
94 seniors get together, and using an underground tunnel they stall traffic for a while. This is pretty genius. The senior prank at my school was just having sex with the principals wife, not much planning there...
High School Football Rival Prank
A high school kid tricked football fans from a rival school by having them hold up signs at the start of the 3rd quarter that spell out 'We Suck'.
The One Mile Car Jump
How does he expect to fly a mile through the air in a Lincoln Contintal, the things a boat. Which is probably a good thing seeing as where he is landing.
Old Man Faceplants
I'm not sure why this old man is trying to go off a jump on a bike, let alone riding a bike. Once you reach 16 years old, there is absolutely no need anyone should be riding a bike anywhere, ever.
Superbad Stars On Jay Leno
Jonah Hill talks about his fiascos with public urination, along with a bunch of snakes slithering this way and that.
How To Cut Delicious Steak With A Laser
I'm going to order a laser cut steak next time I'm at a restaurant.
iPhone For Sale - Touching Only - No Sale
I have an add similar to this one in the paper right now, but just replace the word iPhone with 'my penis'.
20 Million Condoms Recalled In South Africa
As if anybody living in Africa had a chance to not get AIDS anyway... Giving them condoms is false hope, giving them defective condoms is just playing games with their minds.
Miss South Carolina Goodness
By now I'm sure you all have seen the Miss South Carolina tardness circling around the internet. But I thought I'd post a few videos on her. If its not vidoes of fat guys hurting themselves that I'm posting, its videos of dumbasses hurting their pride.
Who Wants To Be a Millionaire - French Version
This just proves the majority of French people are dumbasses, If I lived in France, I would probably be: 1. growing a mustache, or 2. waving a white flag.
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Elijah Woods Loves Drugs
Theres only 3 reasons a person who makes millions and millions of dollars on each movie he does would do something like this.
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