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Skater Smashes Into Car
This numbskull skater does some gay little trick down a hill and smashes into a car... Good thing for him he didn't get too injured, bad thing for me he didn't get injured enough.
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The Raciest Ads You've Ever Seen
It is every marketing persons job to connect whatever the hell they are selling, to hot, naked chicks in their advertisements, even if what they are doing has nothing to do with their product.
A Brilliant Idea To Stop Global Warming
I dont't want to drown from rising sea levels, so everybody should... What a stupid jackass!
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Mythbusters Paint Mona Lisa In Under a Second
Using like 10 hundred kazillion billion paintball guns, the mythbusters paint the mona lisa in 80 milliseconds.
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Inside The Offices Of Snapple
Ever wonder how they come up with all those facts that you find underneath the caps of the snapples you drink? Now you know...
Recoil Of Gun Knocks Out Girl
This guy forgot the first rule of video taping someone doing something stupid, no matter what happens always keep the camera on the person, even if they are unconscious, keep filming. Oh well its still alright.
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New Ad For The Goliath Rollercoaster
Here is a new ad for the Goliath Rollercoaster at six flags that is sure to raise numbers at the park.
Frozen Pond Faceplant
This guy's friends convince him to dive into a part of the pond that looks like it is not frozen. Give a Russian some Vodka and he'll agree to anything.
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This Is One Gangsta Ass Toilet Seat
Judging by the looks of the surroundings, their probably going to have to crack this thing open just to make rent.
A Racist Commercial
How did the marketing department think this was a good idea? This is blatantly racist.
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Repo Man Success Story
It's good to know that in this awful economy someones business is doing great. That someone is the Repo man.
A Bunch Of Prank Calls Using Soundboards
Heres a bunch of prank calls using soundboards from Arnold, Joe Pesci, Bruce Willis, Al Pacino, and many others...
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Little Kid Falls Over Ledge Onto Baseball Field
This little kid supposedly fell over the ledge because he was leaning, but you know it was his dad hanging him over the ledge by his foot in hopes of catching a baseball.
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How To Hack a Coke Machine For Free Soda
Learn how to gain access to the maintenace menu on a coke machine and get a free soda.
Mixed Drinks for the Desperate and Resourceful
Need a late night drink and have no mixers? No worries this guide to 'Mixed Drinks for the Desperate and Resourceful' will help you out.

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