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Press The Spacebar 2000
This is a crazy game. You have to press the spacebar as fast as you can in a given amount of time. I don't want to brag but I just got 2 high scores, for 10 and 20 seconds.
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Goth Public Access
I dont know what makes me more uncomfortable, the goth in the middle of puberty struggling to tell a gothic poem, or the fact that he's doing it for his mother on public access television.
Bizarre and Unusual Custom License Plates
Ya... I don't know how to explain this any more than I already have.
The New Guy In Prison
This is a great commercial for life insurance. A new guy in prison discovers a draft in his cell... Enough said.
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If Straight Men Designed Womens Clothing
This is an ad for Che Mens Magazine... "Let us keep on dreaming of a better world".
If Bowling Were More Like Hockey
This is a TV commercial from the late 90's promoting NHL, and shitting on the sport of bowling.
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Navy To Remodel Swastika Building For $600,000
It was constructed in the late 1960's, and wasn't noticed until Google Earth users spotted it in 2005. Just another reason Google will rule the world someday.
100 Icebreakers To Avoid
You only get one shot at a first impression, if you want to be a creep, use some of these.
Stop Motion Wall Animation
This is a pretty crazy awesome stop motion animation that somebody made while on some sort hallucinate drug. My guess is it took a lot of time and drugs to make this video.
The Biggest Beer Gut In the History Of Beer Guts
This is my friend Barce in 10 years.
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Top 10 Greatest Wild Animal Fights
Prepare yourself for this list of epic stories documenting the Greatest Wild Animal Fights ever caught on video.
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Can You Find All The Sexual Metaphors?
This is a commercial from New Zealands 'Fresh TV'. Quote: "Hey Ron, Jeremy.
Sesame Street + Casino
Bert and Ernie filling in for De Niro and Pesci.
A Bunch Of Trees With Dicks
I always wondered how trees reproduced... And now I know, these man slut trees bang every bitch tree they see, and then leave... Get it? Leave!
My Friends Shower Drain
This is my friend Miller's shower drain after he shaved his pubes once.
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