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The Top 10 Greatest 1 Liners Of All Time
Most of these I hear on a daily basis...
An Elephant Getting Trunk Banged
Yes... and then a delicious little surprise at the end.
Thief Gets Stuck In Air Shaft
This guy didn't make the cut for oceans 11. Apparently he was just trying to resuce a cat.
Modern Marvels: Failed Inventions
Just in case you have 45 mintues to burn at work while in between napping, and feeding the geese in the bathroom stall, heres a good video on failed American inventions.
Falling Hilary Clinton Bikini Game
Grab her and throw her every which way... Need I say more?
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Extreme Unicycling
This is what happens when you mix one wheel with two balls the size of grapefruits.
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Sheets For A Lonely Man
I have a friend that could probably use some of these sheets... I swear its not me.
Hick Attempts To Drive Up Hill... Fails
I bet this is what he said before the camera turned on: "Im a drive dis heer veehikle up dat dare hill, errhyuck." A hicks answer to any problem is more guns or more gas.
Family Guy: Bad Roaches
I realize this is old, but I was just thinking about this scene the other day and I laughed out loud while I was in line at subway by myself... People store... (stared?).
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Brohemian Rhapsody
Bohemian Rhapsody, frat style.
Dana Carvey Show: Germans Who Say Nice Things
Steve Carell joins Dana Carvey in this hilarious skit from The Dana Carvey Show, which is the feel good show of the year.
Base Jumping With A Wing Suit Looks Awesome
This looks like it would be totally awesome, but if you were watching me do this you would probably see a large streak of shit following me.
Carmen Sandiego Has Ben Spotted
Although old and withered she's still the evil conniving thief-bitch she always was! Inform ACME immediatley.
Tom Brady Is A Bastard, A Lucky Bastard
"It must be rough when your biggest problem in life is deciding if you should bump uglies with your super model gal pal or dial up a booty call with your baby mama, actress Bridget Moynahan."
Top 10: Stuart Moments (Mad TV)
Although Mad TV only shits out a few good skits a year... Whats not to love about Stuart? I mean come on!

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