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Halloween Or Child Molesters
This time of season it's hard to differentiate between good hearted halloween gestures, or creepy child molesters.
Top 10: Worst Women Drivers
It's time to laugh at the stupidity of the top 10 worst women drivers and listen to some nice relaxing music.
Tired Of People Stealing Your Campaign Signs?
If you're tired of people stealing your campaign signs from your yard, do what this guy did and attach the sign to a power source and electrocute the assholes.
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How To Make The Perfect Heath Ledger Joker Face
We all know your going as the joker for halloween, so you might as well learn how to make it actually look... Creed did it.
Happy Halloween
If it's Halloween time here, that means it's Halloween time in Vegas as well, enjoy.
Awesome Long Sleeve Wolf T-Shirt
"This shirt cured my aids."
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Guy Jumps Creek On Mountain Bike, Faceplants
That's why you don't jump stuff on a mountain bike... Or ride a mountain bike anywhere... Or ride any kind of bike anywhere for that matter. Stick to segways.
2 Idiots That Backed Up Onto Cop Cars
Here are 2 more idiots that backed up onto a cop car.
Guy Falls On Neck While Car Surfing
This kid is probably paralyzed now, so the only car surfing he will be doing now is on top of the short bus on the way to school... In a wheelchair.
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How To Get Rid Of A Cat Sleeping On Your Hood
Not sure how many cats sleep on car hoods, but if it ever happens to you, this is how you get rid of it, and hopefully scar it, physically or mentally...
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Helen Keller Falls Off Stage
Falling off the stage, getting back up and continuing to pretend to be blind and deaf takes dedication, I'd probably just quit.
Guy Gets Hit By Truck At Toll Booth
I'm assuming he will be voting for Obama, seeing how he was looking for change and all.
Sperm Count Myths Debunked
Find out if your lowering your swimmer count my smoking the reefer, drinking mountain dew, etc...
Speeding Car Hits Last Car In Traffic Jam
I don't know who I hate more, the guy who leaves a mile in between his car and the car in front of him during rush hour, or this guy... They are both just awful human beings.
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Jackass Forgets To Put Parking Break On
It's a shame there was no major damage to the car or injuries, I was really looking forward to someone getting run over today...

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