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Stained Glass Church Window
This picture would be offensive to people who get offended. I find it hilarious.
Top 10: Flash Mob Moments
A flash mob is a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual action for a brief period of time, then quickly disperse.
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Top 10: Santa Moments
With hundreds of thousands of people imitating a man that doesn't exist once a year, there's bound to be some interesting things that happen... Here are the Top 10 Santa Moments.
Walk Hard Clip: Tim Meadows Warning About Reefer
Tim Meadows does a great job trying to convince John C. Reilly that marijuana is bad and that he shouldn't smoke it...
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The 5 Most Disturbing Public Service Announcements
"If you aren't doing anything to get guns off the street, then you may as well shoot people"... Especially your own children apparently...
The $50 Home Funeral Kit
It just seems to good to be true...
Bear Grylls Uses Dead Camel As Shelter
Bear Grylls is at it again with his outrageous survival tactics. This has got to be one of the more crazy things he's done...
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2 Tons Of Pot Found Behind Grocery Store
A cop on routine patrol spotted a man throwing bundles into a van behind a local grocery store.
Jenga Tower Demolished By Clumsy News Reporter
This is why people use cordless mics now.
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A Pathetic Attempt For A Bum To Make Money
Or the most clever... I mean hell, I'd probably throw a quarter at him. Although I'd probably snap it between my fingers sending it at speeds that would probably kill him... But who cares he's a bum.
Todd F. Packers Greatest Moments From The Office
Actually I think its more along the lines of all of them. Todd F. Packer is probably one of the most underrated characters from the office. He only shows up a few times a season, but when he does, its pure hilarity!
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Sparta Photoshops... Or Whatever You Wanna Call It
I thought some of these were rather humorous. I especially enjoyed the Jenga one!
A Mexican Dance Off
What happens when you mix 6 illegal immigrants, a shitty looped song, and a case of beer for the best dancer? This monstrosity of a video!
Tay Zonday - Cherry Chocolate Rain
Tay Zonday has officialy become an internet gangster and a sellout at the same time in his new video demonostrating Diet Cherry Chocolate Dr. Peppers yummy deliciousness.
Fat Kid Successfully Avoids Ridicule
Truly an inspirational story of a fat kid who decided to keep his shirt on at the community pool to avoid ridicule.
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