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Grandpa Ruins Christmas
You know you've failed as a Gradfather when you stroll in late for Christmas demanding Christmas presents. I wish I had Grandpa like this...
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9 Year Old Beats Hardest Level On Guitar Hero 3
I'm pretty sure I can't even beat the easiest level on easy... I suck at this game. How does he play it without strumming at the beginning?
The Militant Black Guy
Now here's a black guy who gets offended by the slightest reference to color. And why shouldn't he? I like milk, clouds and glue, does that make me racist?... Well according to the british Flava Flav here, probably...
2 Guys 1 Guitar Playing Rondo Alla Turka
If these guys weren't so damn good at guitar I would probably thing they were gay with each other, you know, seeing how their holding each other ever so soflty...
What Song Is This?
Obviously, not the greatest singer, but keep watching, its rather peculiar. You should be able to tell what song he is singing about half way through.
Wii Bat vs TV
Shes seems rather calm, seeing her TV was just smashed by a Wii bat. Although the TV did look kind of shitty.
Idiot Teacher's Note
Maybe schools should give teachers a test before they hire them, you know, to make sure they know more than the kids they are teaching...
The Necrophiliac Mouse
Or maybe he is just trying to get her out of the trap, from behind, vigorously...
Odd New Smoking Device
If your looking to get rid of that dirty gravity bong sitting in your cooler in your garage, here's a great new product for you. Although if it makes you laugh like that, I wouldn't recommend getting one.
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Komodo Dragon Eats Wild Pig
I know one person who eats with as little manners as this Komodo Dragon, and you know who you are! Your first step to elegant dining is chewing.
Facebook News Feed Of The Worst Day Ever
Jesus, what a pussy Matt is, he couldn't even give his girlfriend an orgasm!
A ChandelierThat Can Change Its Size
It's like one of those toy balls that can expand and retract... I want one.
Titannica Skit From Mr. Show
I thought this was rather humurous, and so do you!
Chris Farley And Tom Arnold Pick Up Chicks
"Guys, are you experiencing bad luck with the ladies? Never fear - the late, great Chris Farley is here to help. Watch him as he works his magic at the local mall picking up all the honeys."
Top 10: Animal Attacks
I think my favorite part of these is the person that is video taping the attack, they just never seem to help the person being mauled... Well thats the pursuit of internet fame for you. Every man for himself!
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