There were 60 items posted in January 2008.

No Haitian Weed Before Giving Haitian Weather
This Haitian weatherman hit the weedpipe a little to early this morning. Does he not have the greatest laugh you've ever heard?
Fat Homeless Beggar
I guess I missed a good one in my compilation of dirty hobos holding dirty signs. How is this bitch hungry?
This Is How I Will Propose To My Wife
I'm wondering if he just sent this in the mail, or what. Maybe he just walked up and handed it to her, that would be classy. We can only assume she said no...
A Tree Made Of Trees
The Bubble Project
This site posts these blank speech bubbles on top of advertisements throughout New York City allowing anyone who sees them to write in their comments and thoughts.
A Landslide
Here's a video of a landslide. I don't know where it happened, and I don't know when it happened. But it's pretty sweet.
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Free Bird On Piano
This 14 year old kid learned the whole song by ear, or so I'm told... Pretty good though.
Crazy Awesome Creepy Guy On American Fagol
This guy writes a creepy song for Paula about how 'if she were a bathtub he would cock her'. Pretty awesome! He reminds me of haywire from Prison Break... If anybody watches that show anymore...?
Martial Arts Guy Kicks Through 10 Baseball Bats
I don't think I could kick through 10 lincoln logs even. I'm sure that hurt pretty bad when he didn't get through the first time. I probably would have cried like a woman and ran off set.
They May Want A Longer Pad Next Time
Some girl trys to do a backflip off of some swing type thing onto a big pad. I'll tell you one thing, I wouldn't be posting this if she landed on the pad.
Gizmodo Is Full of Shenanigans and Skylarkings
At the 2008 CES (Consumer Electronics Show), Gizmodo got a hold of a TV-B-Gone clicker, which shuts off any tv that you point it at, thus leading to havoc at the whole show, which this video demonstrates.
Travis Barker Remixes 'Low' by Flo Rida
Travis Barker remixes another song that I've never heard before but he's damn good at it so I'll post it...
Australian Party Boy On Opie And Anthony Show
The now famous Australian kid who threw a huge party at his parents house proceding with cop cars being vandalized and helicopters being called in is on the Opie and Anthony show.
Pick Up Chicks With Alias
"Paul Rudd and David Wain star in this great video on how to pick up chicks. Cut the nice guy bullshit and be an asshole. It works."
Crazy War Veteran Tears Down Mexican Flag
A mexican flag was put up above the American flag, which made this guy pissed. Something tells me this guy hates Mexicans, but loves beards.

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