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Meet My Girlfriend
I'm thinking of asking the big question soon... What do you think?
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Cover The Red Dot
Cover the big red dot with the smaller grey dots. Its harder then you think. It took me roughly 20-30 trys to get it... Or I'm just an idiot. Who knows.
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Dick Cheney As Scarface
This shit just made me laugh... This is a must watch video!
The Onion: Child Bankrupts Make-A-Wish Foundation
A child bankrupts the Make-A-Wish Foundation with a wish for unlimited wishes. They get a pro-bono legal team, but the child wished them away... What a selfish, selfish child.
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American Gladiators Audition Rejects
I think the show would actually be more entertaining with these guys on the show... Think about it.
6 Million Dollar Home Theater System
Ya this is pretty nice... but my $40 surround sound system from Kmart isn't bad either.
Top 10: Time Lapse Videos
From fruit to John Locke to beards here are 10 of the greatest time-lapse videos ever created...
Largest Outdoor Pool In The World
The largest outdoor pool in the world is in Chile and it is 1 km long.
Disguise iPod With Walkman
Deter those theives by disguising your iPod inside a custom case made to look like an old crappy walkman.
A British Sobriety Test
This is a lot more effective of a test than walking a line.
Some Fool Does Pull Ups On Top Of A Huge Crane
Not satisfied with the dangers of doing regular pull-ups, such as straining a wrist, or hitting your head on the bar, this guy does it from a-top a very large crane.
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Skydiving With No Parachute On Is Smart
Andreas Dachtler jumps out of a plane at 12,000 feet with no parachute on in hopes of putting it on during his fall.
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7 Viral Videos You Didn't Know Were Staged
I was pretty surprised to see a few videos on this list, some not so surprised...
Conan, Colbert, And Daily Settle Their Fude
Colbert and Daily show up at Conans show to settle their feud.
1970's Masturbation PSA
This has got to be one of the most akward public service announcements ever... The mom totally creeps me out! Also, continuing to tug the boat after your mom walks in is definitely not a good idea.

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