There were 89 items posted in May 2007.

Who The Fuck Is Justin Harrell?
This guy was not happy about the Green Bay Packers pick for the 2007 NFL Draft.
Stairs: Not Only A Great Way To Get To Another Level
But it's also a great way to store your sandals in the winter, your hats and gloves in the summer, or your 7 kilos of coke before a drug bust.
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Liquor Store Sells Cups Of Ice In Drive-Thru
A store employee told Channel 2s Tom Jones that it is an American right for people to buy liquor and a cup of ice to drink on their way home... True that!
The Biggest Ebay Playstation Games Auction Ever
With the hours this guy wasted playing all these games, he could have made 20 times the amount he's selling them for with a job at McDonalds.
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A Bunch Of Skits From The Lance Krall Show
The Lance Krall show had 8 episodes, and then failed. Watch them!
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Stewie On Jackass
"Hi I'm Stewie Griffin, and I'm gonna be kicking my Dad's ass all day today."
The 86 Rules Of Boozing
I will forever live by this guide!
Love Making Jesus
And I thought my Beer Bong Jesus was offensive, wow! If you are at all a religious person you probably shouldn't click on this post. Quote of the day: "The Son of God will never say no".
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A Bunch Of Really Fucked Up Trees
The following is a bunch of really fucked up trees I came across within the last couple years of my life... Or the last 30 minutes while searching for them, either one.
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Making a Bank Deposit
I think this guy had some checks bounce, or they denied him a loan...
Intervention: The Masterbation Episode
"I enjoy water skiing, working on my car, video games, backgammon. I'd say that I'm just an every day average guy... But I'm addicted to masturbating"
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The Dinner Time Telemarketer
The dialogue of a guy about to eat dinner and a telemarketer from the 'United Independent Universal Environmental Awareness Group'. Quite Funny.
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Street Dentists
I wonder if they have any sort of license to do this... They probably use these same tools for their second job as a street proctologist.
The Cops Hide Behind This Sign
We definitely need more of these signs around.
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Some Fast Drinkers
These guys sure know how to open their throats...
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