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The Biggest Beer Pong Game Ever
3000 Cups, 6 KEGS, 1000 Beers. Coming to a city near you!
Insane Dancing Man
This is my friend Barce in 20 years.
Hippo Eats Dwarf
This is very funny, a little sad, but more-so funny!
Smoke Weed Every Day Of My Life... Shit
"Its all I do, I don't give a Fuck", starring Grandmas Boy Nick Swardson. Hilarious!
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HTML Drawing
Having no life + being asian + knowing HTML + liking anime + complete bordeom = this video
Guy Drives His Snowmobile Across A Lake
I've heard it could be done, but I guess I've just never seen it done.
Man Attempts To Climb Inside A Giant Balloon
I'm pretty sure I just got dumber by watching these videos. He certainly didn't think this one through!
The Gay Guy From Family Guy
He comes in many names, such as Bruce, Tobi, The Shark, or The Wilderness Bee, but my favorite has got to be The Bee when he says "OH NO!"... Greatness!
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Fat Guy vs. Folding Chair
He's at a local wrestling match, and the wrestler walking around is a total fag, but the fat guy and the folding chair is totally hilarious!
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Man Pays Parking Ticket With Dog Shit
The man was ordered to pay $3,000 because the lady got sick from touching the shit.
Top 10: Sports Injuries Of All Time
These athletes are the reason parents are sometimes unwilling to sign permission slips for their kids to play sports.
A Bunch Of Derren Brown Videos (Part 1)
Derren Brown is a psychological illusionist. He uses his hypnotism skills to lure, trick, scam and just really fuck with unsuspecting people. Heres a whole shit load of his videos.
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A Bunch Of Derren Brown Videos (Part 2)
Part 2 of the above post.
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The True Lyrics To Pearl Jams Yellow Led Better
After listening to it hundreds of times someone finally deciphered Eddie Vedders mumbling.
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Isto Loves Tuna
So much that he wrote a song about it.
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