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The 100 Worst Porn Titles
My friend owns 9/10 of these movies. He keeps them in a chest in his basement.
Fat Guy Falls From Stands To Catch Foul Ball
I don't see my self wanting a baseball that bad that I will go to these measures... Or ever get that fat.
McDonalds Subliminal Advertising
Mcdonalds was caught using subliminal advertising on the food network where they blip their logo on screen for a quarter of a second. After watching this I went and bought a fish fillet sandwich immediatley.
Allow James Brown To Teach You How To Dance
James Brown can move it... He shows you the bugaloo, the funky chicken, the mashed potatoes, the robot, and who could forget the 'ol James Brown'.
How To Eat A Watermelon
Petey Greene explains to us how to properly eat a watermelon, also with pointers on eating corn and fried chicken. Some words may be uncomprehensible due to a mouth full of juicy, juicy watermelon.
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Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 3 Teasers
If you don't watch this show you're and idiot... Plain and simple. It's the new age Seinfeld. People with low morales that fight and bicker over stupid meaningless shit... It's Fantastic! Watch it!
A Tribute To the Predator Handshake
This video got a quick chuckle out of me. This is a great movie though... It's gotta be if it was on tv every Saturday and Sunday afternoon back in the 90's, and probably still is today!
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Steve-O Doing a Talk Show Interview In Amsterdam
He just got done smoking the refer in the back and is completly stoned, and eventually ends up stapling his balls to his leg. The uncensored Television is the second reason I would move to Amsterdam.
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Use Coin Operated Washer And Dryers For Free
Why pay a dollar per load when you can just use a q-tip or pay only 4 cents? Its not like the laundry police are gonna have warrants out for your arrest. Or are they?
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Picture Of A Fat Guy
Whats more entertaining than a picture of a really fat guy? Nothing... except maybe a video of a fat guy falling down or hurting himself. This is a picture of my friend Miller in 10 years.
Screensaver Mishap
Lesson to be learned: always turn off your screensaver when giving a presentation to business colleages.
Bear Grylls Addresses Accusations
He says "all I can say is they don't always tell the full story". I believed him when he told me to squeeze shit over my head and drink the liquids to stay hydrated, so I guess I have to believe him here as well.
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This Dog Kicks Ass At Wii Tennis
I don't know how you teach a dog how to play the wii, but this is awesome.
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If A Business Meeting Was Like Internet Comments
This is true, true in its truest form of truity...
First Trailer For Harold And Kumar Go To Amsterdam
This looks rather enjoyable... Doogie returns as well!

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