There were 191 items posted in August 2008.

Onion: Should Americans Return To The Stone Age?
"We're missing our primal urges, which are to kill, run naked, and to have sex willy nilly with whatever woman is in front of us."
A Falling Fairy
This fairy in a childrens play takes a plunge as her wires that are holding her snap... What a fat ass.
It's Not Jackie Chan
Tim and Eric give us the fantastic game 'Its Not Jackie Chan', the award winning new trivia game brought to you by Cinco games.
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A Whole Lot Of Mountain Bike Crashes
Here's a nice compilation of people on mountain bikes crashing where a mountain bike should crash... on a mountain.
Village Idiot Does Bruce Lee Impression
This drunken idiot trys to do an impression of Bruce Lee but looks a little more like Curly from the 3 Stooges.
Wheelbarrow Off Ramp
As you could probably expect, a wheelbarrow, which of course consists of 1 wheel, going off a ramp does not work well.
Guy Jumps Into Pool From Roof
This guy decides to do a jump from his roof to his pool, the only thing is, he doesn't have a pool.
Reporters Have It Rough
Here's a nice compilation of reporters falling down, getting their asses kicked, injuring themselves and so on...
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Guy Takes Dump On Sidewalk
This guy eats P.F. Changs and then proceeds to give the sidewalk a taste of his sour apple splatters, under a light, not even considering to walk into an alley, or even just on a darker area of the sidewalk.
Guy Freaks Out On Bum Washing His Window
"Listen you silly dick!"
Fun Things To Do With Your Mom
I never considered this a fun thing to do with my mom. I never really enjoyed it or even had that much fun doing it.
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Congratulations On Graduating High School
This is what a typical graduation looks like in Nigeria.
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Semi Truck Blown Over By Wind
You would think that the semi truck that he passes that's already tipped over would give him a clue that it may not be safe to drive on this road.
Tree Falls On Truck
Some dirty redneck parks next to a tree he is cutting down, and the tree proceeds to smash his car.
Ambulance vs Woman Driver
It was probably some old lady getting out a plastic bag to put over her head so her hair doesn't get wet, or some guy putting a plastic bag over his head, to you know... Stop breathing.

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