There were 75 items posted in Septemeber 2007.

How To Get Out Of A Fight With A Gangster
I know a guy who uses this technique every time he gets into a fight, and it works every time...
Alec Baldwins 'Glengarry Glen Ross' Speech
This is probably Alec Baldwins greatest performance. He plays Blake, a ritzy real estate agent who's giving a speech to some shmuck salesmen.
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List Of Movies Ordered By Their 'Fuck' Count
I would have thought that Scarface or Pulp Fiction would have been higher up on the list... Little do I know.
Japan's New Game Show: Forced Panty Exposure
We already knew Japan was full of creeps, but did you know Japan is the largest man made island in the world? It was made for the sole purpose of throwing all the pervs into one large contained area.
A Bunch Of Interactive Art
Daniel Rozin likes to make mirrors out of crazy shit like wood, wicker and garbage that interact physically as your in front of it...
Will Chuck Norris Blend?
That is the million dollar question...
Beat Mario Level By Standing Still
This is amazing, a guy figured out to beat a certain level in mario, you can just stand still and it beats the level by itself. This is some pretty genius programming by Nintendo.
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Mario Flipbook Cartoon
Loud obnoxious music - drawing skills - a life + 1 steady thumb = a mario flipbook cartoon.
Mr Bean Gets A Haircut
Mr. Bean gets into some mischief while getting his hair cut.
Stairs Seem Painful To Land On
And I thought pro wrestlers were putz's, I mean what do these indy wrestlers get paid with? Band-aids? Who actually watches this shit?
Suggestive Doodles
Disguise your disgusting habit of drawing big dicks during class with cute little characters for the whole family to enjoy.
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Ask Him Why He Only Has One Testicle
A guy gets a dollar bill that has a phone number on it for a guy with one testicle and starts a forum topic about it. Somehow he finds the forum and sets up an account. Pretty hilarious situation, read it all.
The Tenori-On - Futuristic Music Device
Besides it possibly giving you a seizure, and looking like a lite-brit, this actually looks rather entertaining.
Carlos The Cobra
Conan hires a cobra for security. Turns out he doesn't like their Paris Hilton jokes.
See What The Office Did Over The Summer
Creed: Turns out I have grandkids... and kids.

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