There were 169 items posted in September 2008.

A Somewhat Good Catch
Ya I guess this is an OK catch...
Spanish Reporter Ruins Sand Castle
This stupid bitch falls on a sand castle that took this guy 16 days to finish. Sure sand castles are gay and all but, come on, wouldn't you think standing on a wobbly cooler next to it might be a bad idea?
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Colbert And John Stewart Suspend Their Shows
In spite of John McCain suspending his campaign in these troubling financial times for our country, Steven Colbert is asking John Stewart to join him in suspending their shows, for the good of the country.
Anyone Else Watch That David Blaine Special?
I was watching it for like an hour and then wasn't able to catch the end...
Japanese Theremin Orchestra
Do I know what the hell a theremin is? No. Do I want one? Yes!
How To Subdue Your Enemy In 4 Seconds
If you're like me you get beat up by bullies pretty much on a daily basis. But after watching this video, you should be able to save a few bucks on lunch money each week.
Safe For Work Porno
Now all the fun of watching porn can be enjoyed while at work.
Rainn Wilson On Tim And Eric Awesome Show
I'm not sure if I should be creeped out or laughing right now, so I'll just continue masturbating.
A Spelling Bee
"You are an annoying little bitch, and I am not going to answer that." If only all spelling bees were like this...
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Thief Gets Stuck In Kiosk Window
I like how after the police pull him out he still tries to resist like he did nothing wrong.
Woman Hit By Bus In Crosswalk
Mother always said, look both ways before crossing a street. Although this is completely the bus drivers fault.
Back In Black - One Man Band
A guy who goes by sELF plays AC/DC's Back in Black using one hand on the drums and one hand on some button type thing-a-ma-jig.
Yet Another Failed Flaming Shot
I'm sure there is someone out there who has successfully completed a flaming shot, but do I want to see them do it? No...
Mechanic Is Fired
To be fair to the mechanic, Mr. Spriggs BBQ was having an all you can eat buffet for $3.99 that was ending in 30 minutes. You're telling me you wouldn't go?
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The Babes of Modern Burlesque
Sure, there's something to be said for a beer-soaked lapdance from a Destiny or a Mercedes, but you have to appreciate the finesse and artistry of the Ditas of the world.

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