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TV Anchor Slip-up
Alex I'll take nicknames of female genitalia for 200 please. Alex: this nickname refers to the hair covering a females meat curtains, and rhymes with stuff... Hmm... What is a muff?
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Top 10: Escalator Mishaps
You step on to a stair and it takes you up a level or down a level... I just don't get how you can screw that up so badly.
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Free Psychic Gets Pranked Many-a-Times
When it gets to the point where you go 10 minutes without one real phone call, I'd say its time to call it quits... I wonder if this is his pilot episode...? "Good evening, uh hu!"
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Fire Alarm Goes Off During Conan
And i'm about 74% sure it wasn't a skit. Conan was rather angry at one point.
Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Day Man Video And Lyrics
Day Man is a song Charlie wrote after huffing some spray paint. This was after he wrote Night Man, which was about a man coming into his room at night and raping him.
The Bed Shotgun Rack
A hick in todays world needs access to his shotgun at all times of the day. What better way to do that, than with the Bed Shotgun Rack!
Man Was Not Meant To Fly
Either that or idiots were not meant to fly... One of the two.
Genius Mirror Prank
They replace the mirror in the bathroom with a window to an identical room. Throw a twin in each room and have them make the same movements.
Jim Gaffigan On Conan
And yes, its all about bacon...
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Home Shopping Ladder Fuck Up
These people need to learn to test the products before going on live TV... I wonder if they sold any of these ladders this day...?
A Bunch Of Pictures: Cops Cars And Idiots
What the hell do you need a further description for? I said A bunch of pictures of cops cars and idiots...
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People Getting Punched Before Eating
How can't you love that...?
Evolution Has Skipped This Lady
The human species is constantly evolving and adapting to its habitat, but for some reason I think evolution has just straight up forgot about this lady.
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The Office: Whats With Kellys Back?
So I was watching the office the other day and i noticed something rather disturbing...
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South Park: Randy Takes A Huge Shit
In case you missed south park this week, heres a little taste of what happened...

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