There were 158 items posted in October 2008.

This Is How You Get Gas In Japan
When you buy gas in Japan you are some sort of celebrity.
Conversation With UFO Guy
Here's a nice little conversation with a UFO guy who is most likely tripping balls.
Yet Another Compilation Of Failure
Here's a way to start your morning off right, with loads of failure...
BMX Faceplant
This is why bicycles are for transportation use only, not for jumping shit.
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Old Lady Faceplants
Although her hands didn't do much, the good thing is her face was there to cushion her fall.
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Polish Skater Faceplants
This skater comes to a screeching halt, using nothing but his face to stop.
ESPN Anchor: What The Fuck Was That!
An ESPN anchor says 'What the fuck was that!' on live television.
Man Escapes Backseat Of Police Car
This guy sticks his arms through the partition dividing the front and back seats, dives head first into the driver's seat, then gets out through the door.
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Pedicab Driver Crashes Into Road Blocks
This pedicab driver thinks he can fit a large object into a small area and goes at it full speed, which is exactly what I did to your mom last night.
Broncfn90 Yells At His Video Commenters
This kid is angry about all the people commenting on his videos, asking him if he has testicles in his mouth or something. Here is his response. Bonus: remix video.
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Charging Elephant Slips And Falls
Lucky for the cameraman, this charging elephant bites it while running through some mud. He was later laughed and made the butt of all jokes for the rest of the night by the other elephants.
Japanese Nylon Tug Of War
What's the point of trying to describe Japanese game show clips anymore? Just watch it, say 'What the fuck?' and move on.
Bill Cosby On ESPN
As if everyone didn't think Bill Cosby was a complete loon already, this video of him introducing a college football game on ESPN should confirm it.
Ref Takes Down Player
If the ref blows the whistle and you don't stop running, you will be taken down, by all means necessary.
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BMX Biker Gets Pummeled By Concrete Stairs
I've seen a lot of bikers fall and injure themselves in my day, yet it just never gets old.
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