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Michael Ian Black On Tom Goes To The Mayor
Am I the only person who finds this show completely hilarious? or are there others out there...?
The Top 10 Family Guy Fights Of All Damn Time
Personally I think the fight when Stewie beats the shit out of Brian should be number 1, but hey... to each his own.
Here Is Some Excellent Engineering
The fact that this motorized cart is still working, proves that there is a god... or isn't a god, I forget which one.
Barf Bags Do Not Work At Zero Gs
Seeing puke splattering on someones face makes me laugh like a school girl.
Behind The Scenes Of Numa Numa
News flash: The Numa Numa kid is a fat loser, who laughs like an idiot... Wow I'm bitter...
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The Drunken Chair Pull Prank
This is why you shouldn't do the chair pull prank on someone who's been drinking for a long period of time.
A Moscow YouTube Star Is Born
YouTube just released its Russian language edition a month ago and Peter Nalitch is already topping the charts with this warm slice of cheese here...
Perpetual Motion Found
Here is legitimate scientific proof of perpetual motion.
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Halo: One Sniper Bullet, 3 Dead Bodies
I'm hoping this guy just got really lucky, instead of playing the game that much to be able to do that. Because if that were true I would have to call you a fag.
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A Digital Camera With Super Zoom
This camera must have the greatest zoom capabilities of all time.
Married Couples First Dance At Wedding
If these people were at the weddings I go to I wouldn't have to be in the back room huffing glue out of boredom.
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Rubber55 Does MTV Cribs
Rubber55 is some sort of fetish clothing line apparently. This guy really likes rubber, and dildos, and vegetables shaped like dildos.
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Mythbusters: Are Elephants Afraid Of Mice
Pretty interesting outcome...
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Scissor Me Timbers: Barber Shop Scissorhands
Here's a barber who uses 10 pairs of scissors at the same time. I gotta tell ya... No matter how good he is with those scissors, I could just never get a hair cut from him. I value my ears too much.
Top 10 Useless Random Talents
Useless? Yes, but I definitely wish I had some of these useless talents, and so do you!
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