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2 Big Boats Collide
No... They'll move, they'll definitely move.
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Idiot Tries To Stop 2 Cars With Arms
Instead of having both of his arms ripped from his body, like I was hoping for, he just faceplants, which is somewhat disappointing.
Girls Are Turned On By Weaklings
I never knew I could turn girls on by just doing my daily activities, like getting beat up, and not being able to move large objects, etc...
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Time Lapse Parking Lot
Here's a time lapse video of a parking lot in Toronto which captures about 1 hour and 40 minutes of time... Although there is no fat kid that falls on his face, it's still rather crazy how fast it fills up.
How To Build An Electronic Stash Box
Build an electronic stash box to hide your cash, crack, or that gay porn your hiding from Mom in.
Video Of Meteor Over Edmonton Canada
This is a pretty crazy video from what looks like a cop dash cam of the meteor that crashed near Edmonton Canada.
The Human Catapult
Despite the extensive research and testing that went into it, the human catapult turned out to be a complete failure.
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Another Lady Runs Into A Building
To be fair, the brake pedal and the gas pedal are pretty hard to tell apart...
Jesus At A Party
Jesus, you can't drink, you're the designated driver!
Soccer Ball To The Face
I just assumed soccer players were used to having balls in their face all day.
Extreme Kayakers Go Down 300 Ft Dam
Extreme kayakers in Wales have been known for hitting speeds of up to 45 miles per hour down a famous 300-foot dam spillway at the Llyn Brianne reservoir in Carmarthenshire
11 Crazy Local News Moments
And boom goes the dynamite...
Crook Knocks Out Clerk With Fire Extinguisher
Some people choose to pay 63 cents for a pack of gum, others choose to knock out the clerk with a fire extinguisher. Either way your getting a pack of gum.
Classic: Asian Guy Kicks Asian Guy Down Bleachers
Here's the classic clip of an angry Asian guy at a soccer game who kicks some other Asian dude down the bleachers. It's fun for the whole family...
Monkey Steals A Chicken
Is it wrong to steal a chicken to feed your starving family?

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