There were 43 items posted in December 2007.

Law And Order: KFC
Law and Order is really starting to stretch with this new spin-off.
Judge Judy Makes eBay Scammer Her Bitch
I'm not exactly sure why she even came to court, did she actually think she had any chance of winning. Now she's one of the biggest tools on the internet.
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The Poop Tube
The Poop Tube will revolutionize your pooping experience.
Man Steals Car Right In Front Of Cop
At some point in your life you need to stop playing GTA before you erase the fine line between video games and reality.
This Is How Not To Throw A Large Piece Of Wood
When throwing such a large piece of wood, one must take into consideration all aspects of physics.
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Fat Bastard Tries To Take An Alcohol Test
I think at this point taking an alcohol test has no point, he's drunk, throw him in the drunk tank... His head will definitely be hurting tomorrow.
Drunkard Sings We Will Rock You At Hockey Game
Even a true Queen couldn't give a better performance of this song...
All Sorts Of Stuff In Super Duper Slow Motion
This is a compilation of every action you could ever want to see in super slow-mo. Although I am somewhat disappointed they didnt have the slow-mo animal attacks from Planet Earth.
Worst Ambulance Ride Ever
"Generally speaking, one hops in an ambulance in hopes of improving his or her physical condition. This passenger gets the exact opposite of that."
Soccer Streaker Scores Goal
If this is real, thats pretty ridiculous. Anybody know anything about this clip?
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Video Game Sounds Test
Test your old school video game sound knowledge with this test. I got a horrible 11 out of 24, I hope you can do better than I did. If not, your parents probably beat you as a child.
Magic Milk
I think this is the milk Jerry Garcia uses with his Fruity Pebbles.
A Guy Who Sings Disney Songs
I know, doesn't sound that interesting but this guy does a duet of 'A Whole New World' from Aladdin by himself. I have a small Asian friend who would get a wet dream by watching this guy.
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A Delicious Holiday Cake
I think we should get presents and hide eggs every time this holiday rolls around... Just a suggestion.
Huge Chunks Of Ice Fall From 1600 ft TV Tower
I'll probably never park next to a TV tower again... Not that I ever have.

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