Top 10: Celebrities Wasted On Live TV

What's better than celebrities making asses out of themselves on live TV?

1. Steve-O
Steve-O goes completely ballistic on the Adam Corolla Show. If you havn't seen this, you must!

2. James Brown
James Brown is being interviewed on the news after going to jail for beating his wife with a lead pipe, and firing a gun at her car. Oh and hes completely wasted.

3. Crispin Glover
Crispin is totally trippin balls on the Letterman Show.

4. Tracy Morgan
Tracy is being interviewed on a Morning Television show, he takes his shirt off and is completely buligerant.

5. Courtney Love
Courtney on Letterman... How could it be a list of celebrities wasted on TV without Courtney Love? I couldn't force myself to watch the whole thing, can you?

6. Danny Devito
Devito goes on the view after a night of heavy drinking with George Clooney. He'd be fun to go out drinkin with I bet.

7. Paula Abdul
Paula is on some news station and is just completely high. She made up some excuse the next day like she couldn't here them talking or some bullshit. She's obviously wasted.

8. Joe Namath
Joe is being interviewed at a football game by a reporter that he is quite fond of apparently.

9. George Bush
Bush is wasted while giving one of his speeches. His speech is all slurred and mumbly, as if they just slowed the tape down... Funny...

10. Courtney Love (again)
She had to be on here twice... Madonna is being interviewed and Courtney starts throwing shit at her and interrupts her interview... Completed wasted.