An Ode to Steve Ballmer

For those of you who don't know who Steve Ballmer is, hes the sweatiest guy that works at Microsoft. Forbes ranked Ballmer the 31st richest person in the world for 2007. You would think with that amount of money he could afford some decent deodorant, or maybe hire some scientists to create some sort of concoction he could spray on his pits to make them less sweaty.

Anyway, here's some videos of Ballmer at his best!

Here's Steve sweatier then ever, going off about developers.

Here he is going completed nuts, dancing and screaming like his car just got pimped by Xzibit.

Here's Ballmer selling Windows 1.0 like a sweaty spaz. If you havn't seen this one, you've seen nothing.

This one is a classic. A music video made up of the first 2 videos. It's a perfect mixture of yelling, screaming, developers and sweat.

Steve Ballmer presents the Zune, this is genius, just watch it!

Bill Gates and Steve in a totaly stupid commercial for the internet, or Microsoft, or Old Spice, I don't even know.

Steve acting a little bit over the top, but not enough to make a scene, just enough to weird out the lady sitting next to him.

The best one does not have a video unfortunately.
When told a key employee was leaving to go to Google, Steve threw a chair across the room and said he was going to "Fucking Kill Google". I only wish I could have been there...

Thats all for now, check out Steve's page over at Wikipedia or Microsoft for more info or sweaty pics.