The Diary of Jack Bauer - June 12, 2005 - Part 1

June 12, 2005

Dear Diary,

What a day! It started out normal enough... I came into CTU to wash the blood off of my face, because some jerk cut me off on the way to work. I ran him off the road and bit into his jugular until he stopped breathing. I sometimes like to pretend I am a crocodile... Is that weird? Anyways, CTU got intel about terrorists trying to dispurse a lethal poison into a high populated area such as a building downtown. I wanted to go but Kim showed up at my work demanding that I stay because she can't stand the thought of losing her Father as well as her Mother. You know how 15 year olds are... Did I mention she was wearing a skimpy white shirt and developed enough to be a 23 year old? Thats my little angel! Anyway we sent Michelle over with a team of agents to the populated building downtown. It turned out they got there just as the poison was being dispursed into the ventilation system. Michelle, her team, and 3,000 occupants of the building were stuck inside because they had to seal it off so that none of the poison got out into the public. Cause if it got out, anyone walking within 2 feet of the building would die. Anyway everybody in the building died but Michelle!! It turns out she was immune to the poison! Imagine that LOL! As it turns out that little feasco downtown was just a diversion for what they really had planned... Oh shit WTF!! I gotta go Diary, someones eating my bologne sandwich. I'm gonna go tear his fingernails off and eat them to teach him a lesson. I'll finish this later!