A Bunch of Odd, Cool, Crappy, and Useless Furniture

Sometimes people go a little too far when designing furniture, sometimes not far enough... But sometimes it ends up pretty sweet. Here's a look at some different furniture designs that are either really cool, really stupid, or completely useless.

The Woofer Chair

I don't know if this thing actually works, but if it does I think this would be classified as some sort of sex toy, not furniture. Nonetheless its kinda cool looking.

This is: Kinda Cool

The Balance Chair

If I have to put forth any sort of work while sitting, I think I would rather stand. Although it would be entertaining to see your drunk friend try and sit on this.

This is: Pretty Stupid

The Circle Faucet

Judging buy the looks of it, this shouldn't be coming out for another 50 years. But it's totally sweet looking.

This is: Pretty Awesome

The Extendable Chair

1 in 100,000 inventions that come out of China/Japan are awesome, and this is one of them. I don't know if I would ever sit in this thing, I would probably be too busy playing with it and making odd shapes of chairs and what not.

This is: Completely Awesome

The Fire Table

I'm not sure how safe an open fire is indoors on top of a coffe table, but why be outdoors in nature making smores, when you could be sitting on your own couch making smores, while watching nature shows on TV.

This is: Pretty Sweet

The Gas Mask Shower

If I wanted to be scared to take a shower everyday I'd probably just put that dead body I have in my attic into my bathtub.

This is: Completely Stupid

The Sinking Lamp

This is a pretty cool lamp, I'm not gonna lie. I probably wouldn't pay hundreds of dollars for it, which it probably costs, but if I found it, say, in a dumpster, I would probably bring it home. Not that I triffle through dumpsters or anything.

This is: Pretty Sweet

The Changing Cupboard

Sure its cool looking, and if I had one, I would probably just smoke weed and stare at it all day. But then again its pretty stupid and useless, and it would just creep me out all day and night.

This is: Completely Useless

The Steam Shower

I'm not exactly sure how this works, but I think you go in, sit down, and you just get douched with steam. This would probably not be something I would buy, and I'm sure it costs quite a bit. This shower belongs in a bathroom like the one its showing it in, Some sort of Minority Report bathroom.

This is: Pretty Cool if your some sort of Robot Clone from the future

The Stool Chair

Again we come back to putting in work just to sit down. Nor do I want to make decisions while trying to sit down. Either buy a stool, or buy a chair.

This is: Pretty Useless slash Stupid

The Floor Panels

If I wanted to have legos for furniture, I would buy big giant legos for furniture. Nor do I want to build my own floor/chair/table or store big pieces of wood in my closet.

This is: Very Stupid

The Stackable Chairs

Again with the legos, but this a little bit cooler I guess. I probably wouldn't buy these though, unless I was gay, then perhaps...

This is: Kinda Cool, Kinda Gay