A Bunch Of Skits From The Lance Krall Show

For those of you who don't know who Lance Krall is, he first appeared as a flamboyant Cuban homosexual on the reality show parody 'The Joe Schmo Show'. After that he had his own show on Spike TV called 'The Lance Krall Show' which had 8 episodes and then failed. Why am I showing you skits from a failed TV show? Well sometimes good shows go off the air sooner than they should have... Have ever heard of Family Guy? Futurama? Undressed? OK just seeing if you're awake... Just watch these, be entertained, and then graciously tell me how much you love me for showing you these.

Don't Bogart It!

Can you turn your music down?

Lance Krall Cares

Lubajeter Stallion

Suck It Up

Well it wasn't me!

Does anyone wanna watch Robot Ninja?

The Boss' candy bars

Ya it's a boy

Street Magic


Poop Stains

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