A Bunch Of Derren Brown Videos (Part 2)

This is part of a 2 part post. So if you havn't seen the first part, I would suggest doing so. That is all... Carry on.

Derren makes people forget their trainstops while on the train

Derren hypnotizes a college kid to make him think that he is drunk

Derren switches spots with a person while getting directions while the person giving directions is completely oblivious

Derren converts a group of atheists or 'non beleivers' to beleive in god. (Part 1)

Part 2

The Conversion Explained

Derren demonstrates the voodoo technique on a skeptical lady

Derren does a staring competition, and wins... Didn't see that coming

Derren hits on some strippers with the ol' 'Invisible Touch Trick'

Derren predicts peoples movements on the street

Derren predicts the sum of random numbers people give, if that doesn't make sense just watch the video... You were going to anyway.

Derren Brown, predictions, craziness, watch it...

Derren predicts a word spelled out by a group of people, sounds weird, its actually pretty sweet... watch. (Part 1)

Part 2

Part 3

Derren tells a guy his PIN number

Derren uses 'rapport' to induce a student to take a drink of wine at the same time as him.

Derren hypnotizes people while pretending to be a waxwork model

Derren does a crazy suspicious coincidental card trick

Derren predicts a word someone is thinking over the phone

Umm... Just watch it, I don't know how to explain, words, predictions, paintings, craziness...

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