A Bunch Of Derren Brown Videos (Part 1)

For those of you who don't know who Derren Brown is, he is a psychological illusionist. He uses his hypnotism and psychological skills to lure, trick, scam and just really fuck with unsuspecting people. I really have never seen anything like what Derren Brown does, its really unique. A lot of times Derren uses a sort of subconsience suggestion to tell people what to do without actually telling them. There are a few 'explanations' to some of his videos that are really interesting...(below). He has his own show in England called 'Trick of The Mind', which he does the aforementioned. Fuck with people... Make a guy believe his blank paper is money and then buy a ring worth a couple grand, make the people at the dog track believe his losing tickets are winners, predict what people are going to think before they thought it, convert atheists, and much much more. He must be some sort of god...

Just to give you a little bit more of an idea of who Derren Brown is, here is a brief description of him via one of his youtube videos:

"First important point here: Derren Brown in an atheist and ultra skeptic. He is against all kinds of magical thinking. Second point: the thing that makes him so brilliant to watch is that it is unlikely that he uses confederates or stooges. And before we get too carried away here, the tricks Derren has used in all three videos are nothing other than those used by the average stage hypnotist. What makes it look so amazing is the presentation; it is made to look like magic, but then the man himself then debunks the explanation. He is nothing other than a charlatan, which he openly admits. In fact, he carries out these displays of magic so he can use psychological trickery and sleight of hand to show that charlatans can, indeed, dupe people so easily. The tools at work during the conversions are a combination of compliance, obedience, expectation and simple hypnotic suggestion."

So pretty much Derren's not saying he's pshycic, he's saying he's not pshycic and saying that these are the techniques people like 'The Biggest Douche In The Universe': John Edwards uses on his show.

Derren's Home Page
Derren's Home Page for his TV show 'Trick Of the Mind'
Derren's Wikipedia Page

This post was thought of after I posted Derren Browns 'Russian Scam' video a few weeks ago. So here's a whole shit load of his clips, which should be highly entertaining to you, that is if you enjoy being entertained. Enjoy...

This is a 2 parter, the rest of the videos are on Page 2, so after you watch all these, I would suggest going There.

Derren makes the sun disappear, for a volunteering kid, very clever...

This has got to be the craziest thing I have ever seen. Derren makes a girl beleive she is having an out of body experience, and she is looking at her dead body after getting into a car accident. If this doesn't send a chill down your back, I don't know what will.

Derren makes a guy beleive he is actually a vertriliquist doll, another rather disturbing prank (Part 1)

Part 2

This is nuts, Derren has a zombie arcade game in a bar which when you play it, it hypnotizes you into a deep sleep. After this occurs he makes the kid playing the game think he's actually in the game, awesome...ness!

Derren subconciously makes 2 people rob a security guard hauling cash to a van.

Derrens Russian Scam, yes I know I have a previous post of this, but since I have this huge list, I might as well throw it in here.

Derrens Russian Scam explained

Derren doing his thing at the dog track

Derren doing his thing at the dog track explained

Derren walks through an assault course blindfolded. Relying only on figuring out if the guy who made the course is lying to him as he guides him through it. Sounds more complex than it is, just watch it.

Derren Attempts to beat the majority of 9 Grand Chessmasters at the same time

Derren Attempts to pay for things with blank paper

Derren lets a guy put a bullet into a random chamber on a gun, and then plays russian roulette with it. Craziness...

Derren infulences 2 advertising guys to make an advertisement to his liking withough telling them how to do it.

Derren with a very photographic memory.

Derren has a lady read kids a story while they paint, and the outcome is rather interesting...

This is a 2 parter, the rest of the videos are on Page 2.