The Opening Of The First Apple Store In Japan

This videos depicts the line in front of the first Apple store ever opened in Japan, it is in Tokyo on November 30, 2003.

First of all this just goes to show you how dedicated Japanese people are to electronics. Second of all it shows you how insane Japanese people are; what kind of person would stand in a line which is over 2 blocks long? let alone 10 or 15 or however long it is, just to go into an apple store, let me tell you its not that nice. Thirdly why wouldn't you just cut in front of everybody in between blocks? Fourthly have you ever heard of the internet? You can buy the exact same stuff on it that you can in this store! Fifthly, I would think the store would close before half of these people even got in the store, unless its some sort of 24 hour Apple store... Only in Japan would something like this happen.