A Bunch Of Demetri Martin Standup Videos

Demetri Martin is fucking hilarious, plain and simple. If you liked Mitch Hedberg you will love Demetri Martin. He's full of awesome one liners, hysterical analytical charts, and crazy drawings behind relaxing guitar chords. Here is a collection of a bunch of his standup, so ya... Enjoy!

Oh and go to his website at: www.clearification.com. There you can see the 'Demetri Martin finds Clearification' film along with Demetri as a cartoon sitting on a log talking and not stopping. I've been watching it for like 20 minutes now and he hasn't stopped talking, nor has it repeated. So go check it out, it's wicked awesome!

Demetris findings with the large pad

Piano, guitar, harmonica, hilarity

Some Drawings and a Zoo-ology professor

Stand Up from the 2006 Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal

Demetri at Melborne Comedy Fest in 2006

Standup, not sure where this is, I think Australia somewhere

Demetri on the Carson Daily Show

More of the slides type stuff

Mind Of Martin Part 1

Mind Of Martin Part 2

Audio of jokes along with pictures to go along