Top 10: Manliest Moments From Man vs Wild

This is by far the greatest television show on the air right now. It's great how he describes how everything tastes after he eats it, and how he explains 'Oh ya this is great protein'. He is my idol... Here are the Manliest of moments from the manliest of men, Bear Grylls.

Update: Check out the second installment here.

Honorable Mention: Escapes Quicksand

10. Eats A Sheeps Eyeball

9. Pees On Shirt (Then Wears It)

8. Eats A Delicious Trout

7. Eats A Live Snake

6. Eats a Tiger Scorpion

5. Eats a Crucifix Spider

4. Has A Nice Salmon Lunch

3. Drinks Liquid From Elephant Shit

2. Munches On Some Zebra

1. Drinks Own Piss