Cops Are Dirty Scum Bags

This is kind of long, but a cop pulls a kid over for parking in a parking lot, tells him he will ruin his life and career, and then makes up some horseshit reason to arrest him.

I hope this cop, the cop that pulled me over and gave me a ticket for my tinted windows 4 days ago, as well as all the other cops that have pulled me to make up my 15 tickets for chicken shit bullshit, get cancer and die a horribly painful slow death. They are constantly on a powertrip, where they think their dick is the size of their flashlights. Cops are dirty pieces of shit that don't even deserve a proper burial when they die. They should all be thrown into one large dumpster on the side of the road in which passerbyers will spit on their dead bodies as they walk by... Sorry for the vulgarness, but it needed to be said, I can now sleep in peace.

Oh, and the clicking throughout the video kinda sucks as well.

Read the full story here. (Thanks Toad!)