The Office: Whats With Kellys Back?

So I was watching the office from my computer illegaly as I usually do and I noticed something rather disturbing. It was episode 2 from season 4. Kelly was wearing something revealing to try and get Ryan back in the sack when all of a sudden they go to a back view at their meeting...

Look at the pictures below. I believe either Kelly is some sort of angel and has had her wings removed for some sort of way to fit in with us humans... Or a more realistic reason, for these disgusting back warts... She was born with tits on her back and she had them removed due to horrible ridiculism in high school, with nicknames such as 'Back Tits', 'Scrotum Shoulders' or perhaps 'B Dub Tubs', which would mean 'Bitch with those unbearable back sacks'. Either way their pretty gross, and I would probably make fun of her if I ever saw her.