Top 10: Greatest Movie Speeches and Monologues

I will attempt to capture the greatest most epic movie speeches and monologues of all time...

You will obviously have your own opinion on this kind of list, so make sure you get extremely angry that I left something out and leave a comment about it. Thanks, enjoy!

10. Animal House - John Belushi

9. Boiler Room - Ben Affleck

8. Waiting - John Francis Daley

7. Glengarry Glen Ross - Alec Baldwin

6. A Few Good Men - Jack Nicholson

5. Good Will Hunting - Matt Damon

4. Pulp Fiction - Samuel L. Jackson

3. Scent of a woman - Al Pacino

2. Full Metal Jacket - R. Lee Ermey

1. 25th Hour - Edward Norton

Others that didn't make the list:

Apocalypse Now - Napalm in the morning
Wall Street - Greed is good
Braveheart - Freedom
On the Waterfront - Contender
Raging Bull - It was you charlie
Dirty Harry - Feel lucky?