Carlos Menstealia

I always hated Carlos Mencia, now I have a reason to. Carlos Mencia's actual name is Ned Arnel and he is half German and half Honduran, and steals many of his jokes from other comedians suck as Bill Cosby just to name one. This makes Joe Rogan mad.
Heres a message from Joe Rogan about Ned.

Well you see I was eating my Jello Puddin'...

Whenever I'm flipping through channels and come across his show on Comedy Central I become confused as to why he has his own show. Then my confusion turns to rage. This one time I flipped to his show accidentally, and I tried to turn the channel with my remote, but my remote just wouldn't work for some reason. As I was throwing my remote against the wall I could hear Carlos talking about 'beaners' and how he was one, which made me even angrier so I got a plate out of the cupboard and I smashed it against my face. I ran over and tried to turn the channel manually from the TV but the TV wouldnt work either. Whilst filled with rage I picked up my TV and tried to throw it against the wall but my feeble little arms couldnt do it and I fell backwards with the TV landing on top of me.

I awoke in a daze several hours later with my TV stuck on top of me, and I could hear Carlos Mencias voice coming from the TV, It must have been some sort of Mind Of Mencia Marathon, and nothing makes me more angry than a Mind Of Menica Marathon. So I found some steroids that were laying next to me and I injected them into my arm. As days passed Mind Of Mencia never went off the air. With the rage building along with my fake muscles I could finally get the TV off of me. I finally had enough strength to throw the TV against the wall and shut that asshole up. With my TV smashed to bits I realized that I needed a new TV. So I drove over to Best Buy and started looking for a TV, but all the TVs at Best Buy were playing Mind of Mencia, which made me so angry that I shit my pants.

I went home humiliated and vowed to never watch TV again...

The following is a list of words I would use to describe Carlos Mencia:
  • Hack
  • Tool
  • German
  • Dull
  • Fat
  • Plagiarist
  • Thief
  • Pathetic
  • Waste
  • Joke
  • Worthless
  • Lame

Here is Ned stealing a joke from Bill Cosby

Heres a little feud between Ned and Joe Rogan

Heres Joe Rogan and Ned on a radio station