Picture Analyzation: Fallen Wheelchair Man

Every now and again I will analyze a different picture and tell you exactly(In my opinion) how this picture came about.

Take a look at this picture...

Many questions come into mind...
  1. How did he tip over?
  2. Why are his pants part way down?
  3. Why is he carrying a purse?
  4. Why is one of his shoelaces untied?
  5. Why are his pants wet?
I Think I cracked the case...

For now lets call him... lets say... Gil.

While leaving his house late for his AA meeting this morning, Gil got into his wheelchair and was tying his shoes in a hurry and carelessly forgot to secure the two bunny ears of his left shoe's laces completely, therefore coming undone shortly there after.

On his way down the street Gil saw a women in distress, screaming that someone stole her purse. Gil scanned the area and saw a man running down the sidewalk carrying what appeared to be a blue purse. Gil ran(rolled) after him as fast as he could (Gil being the 400 meter dash winner of the 1990 Special Olympics, he caught up pretty fast, but not too fast because he's an alcoholic) and caught up to him and tackled (ran into him) him down. He took the purse from the man as he frightenly ran away. It turned out that the man was no perp but a gay man carrying a man purse (or European as some like to call it).

Unknowing of this fact Gil was proud that he saved the day for this young lady in distress. Gil thought to himself I just got this ladys purse back... I should get something out of this. Gil then pulled his pants part way down with the thought of getting a little action...

When Gil came up to the lady with the purse he said, "I got your purse back, how bout a little reward?". The lady was so confused, startled, and frightened that she tipped him over and ran.

Gil was sitting there, tipped over in his wheelchair, with his pants part way down, with one shoelace untied, carrying a purse, and late for his AA meeting when he saw a bottle of beer, quarter of the way full sitting next to him. Gil realizing the irony of what had just happened chuckled a laugh so loud and hard that he pissed his pants, and then proceeded to chug the rest of the beer bottle sitting next to him.

Good 'Ol Gil!