Top 10: Cops On A Power Trip

You should never go anywhere without a video camera, especially when your about to get your ass kicked by a power hungry cop, or get arrested for waving to a friend. It seemed to work out for some of these folks, who posted their beatings online and got quite a settlement out of it...

10. Apparently asking for a cops business card now-a-days gets you arrested.

9. Some kids are skateboarding on some campus, which is illegal, therefore beatings shall take place.

8. A seventy year old lady gets pulled over by a cop and while he attempts to radio in to dispatch she reaches her hand in his pocket. He explains that she should not do that with a swift knee to the forehead. Apparently she was knocked out for over 3 minutes.

7. Cop threatens to ruin this kids life by making up charges after pulling this kid over for parking a suspicious vehicle in a commuter lot. (Warning: long, and rather annoying beeping throughout video)

6. This cop has had a bad day and will take it out on some 15 year old skaters. He will later go home and masterbate to recordings of himself yelling.

5. After searching for these videos I've come to the assumption that cops just flat out hate anyone who rides, looks at, or even stands within 20 feet of a skateboard. There is no other explanation.

4. This cop's boyfriend's condom got stuck in his ass the night before, therefore he will take it out on some poor lady. He later gets fired, and the lady gets $60,000.

3. A cop pulls over a black guy and his wife. After a small dispute over why hes being pulled over, the cop brings out the racist from within.

2. This cop doesn't think this guy is handicapped so she dumps him onto the floor breaking 2 of his ribs.

1. This cop is the epitome of the words 'power trip'. He thinks the woman at this drive through didn't give him the right change back so he goes in and forcefully arrests her, all while theres a guy at the window waiting for his whopper.

Bonus: Well how about we end on a good note... Police take down a streaker at a soccer game and start beating him which makes the fans angry. I'll let you figure the rest out for yourselves.