Google Hates Mexicans

Due to Googles lack of a holiday logo for Cinco De Mayo, I have come to the conclusion that Google hates mexicans.

Sure Cinco De Mayo isn't the greatest holiday, but you gotta give the Mexicans something, they have nothing. I am just completely outraged! Google will put up logos for the most worthless holidays ever, but they can't even give the Mexicans one day of google logo-ness. What a shame.

Here are a few of Googles most worthless holiday logos yet:

Persian New Year

50th Anniversary of Legos

Yuri Gagarin

National Library Week

Canada Day

I paid a visit to google a few months back and took a few pictures of the staff there. Do you know what I found? No Mexicans. I found people from all sorts of races, but no latinos. take a look at the pictures below...

Doesn't it just make you sick. I know... Thats not even the worst part. I actually did find a mexican at google, when I went to take a shit he was waiting outside my stall waiting to clean my toilet. Here's a picture of him, his name was Javier. A very nice fellow!

So what have you learned google? How about next year you give the Mexicans what they deserve... A logo on your homepage representing Mexican culture. I even took the liberty of creating one for you. So next year I expect this to be on your homepage on Cinco De Mayo.