Sex Offenders Banished, Forced To Live Under Bridge

5 convicted sex offenders living in Miami have been banished from town and forced to live in solitude under a noisy highway bridge. Well not technically banished, but from the laws passed, they are unable to find a place to live in compliance with the strict county ordinances that limit where they can live.

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I think this is a good idea though to banish all sex offenders from town and force them to live under highway bridges. This would keep them from roaming around our neighborhoods and passing by us at the malls... How would this keep them from doing this? Because we would cage up the areas under the bridges where they stay, forcing them to live in solitude. Maybe once a week we would throw in a dead deer and let them have sex with the carcus and then eat the remains.

These people don't deserve to live normal lives, next to normal people, in normal neighborhoods. Which is why we should think about doing this in our own towns.

Think about it.