Drunken Games: Stove Hand

This is a new segment that Linkognito has developed for all you drunkards out there. Once in a while Linkognito will post a new drinking game for you to play. These will be completely original games created by Linkognito. These games were developed by people who WERE INTOXICATED and are meant to be played by people who ARE INTOXICATED!

Each game will have its own unique name and game type, along with the number of players who should participate. Linkognito will provide a list of Required Materials and a Danger Level that ranges from 1 to 10.

So without further ado… Here's the first game!

Note: Linkognito does not accept any responsibility for death or injuries acquired from participation in any of these games, play at your own risk.

Name: Stove Hand
Type: Party Game
# of Players: 2-7
Danger Level: 8

Stove Hand is a fairly simple game. To begin the game, all players must go to the kitchen or where ever the stove is kept in the given household. Be sure the stove is extremely dirty as to increase the number of infections. Each player must stick one finger on a choosen burner. To start the game the winner from the previous round turns on the choosen burner, but since this is the first round, the oldest person will turn on the burner. On the chance that the oldest 2 player's birthdays lie on the same day and year, the 2 players will duel in roshambo (Paper, Rock, Scissors), in a best out of 3 tournament.

Once the burner is on, the players will try to keep their fingers placed on the burner the longest. If you remove your finger from the stove you must drink 5 drinks from your personal drink. If you do not have a personal drink, one will be provided for you. For each drink you borrow from a player, that player will get to punch you in the shoulder 5 times at any choosen strength level.

As the stove gets hotter and hotter, players will dwindle out until there are 2 players left. The last player to keep his finger on the stove is declared the winner of that round. That player is now allowed to give 10 total drinks to any choosen players. After the drinks are drunk, the next round will begin on a new burner. After the fourth round you may need to start over on the first burner. If the first burner is still hot, a break will be allowed until it is room temperature. The first player to win 4 rounds is declared the winner of the game. The winner of the game is allowed to tell every player to finish their current drinks, but is not obligated to.

The players fingers may get burned in the process of the game, just remember the more you play with one finger, the more callused it will get, therefore resulting in winning more games.

Have fun, and be safe!