Top 5: Most Unrealistic Movie Scenes

1. Transporter 2
This is just outrageous, there is a bomb underneath his car so he goes off a ramp, flips his car upside down, scraping the bomb off with a crane hook, and then lands perfectly... Hmm... It's at about 4:30 so you might wanna fast-forward a bit.

2. Kill Bill
This is the scene where she escapes from the coffin. Its just ridiculous. Just watch it. Oh and sorry about the song, its the only one I could find.

3. Commando
This is the scene of arnold escaping custody while on a plane. Its funny how he just lands straight down so softy into the swamp. Listen for all of his great quotes as well, they are just awesome...

"He is dead tired"

4. Face off
This is the scene of Cage escaping from prison, with it all riding on burning some guys hand with a cigarette. What if they didn't let him smoke it, or what if nobody had a liter, that would fool his plans. Pretty ridiculous...

5. Boondock Saints
This is the scene where he breaks off the toilet while hancuffed to it throws it of a ledge, and then jumps off the ledge himself. Good movie though.