Pimp My Cart

Here is every episode of Pimp My Ride:

Thats not how you wear a shirt. Xzibit shows up at either a hysterical black girls house, or a fat black guys house. Xzibit laughs at their car for 2 minutes, then drives it to the shop. The guys at the shop laugh at how shitty the car is for a few minutes, then they stage some meeting where they act like their planning something, when really they just throw as many things as possible that their sponsors give them into the car. Then there is a montage of them working on the car for a few minutes. Then Xzibit says something witty and laughs at his own joke for the next 2 minutes.

They don't show us the whole car yet, as if its some sort of mystery... Its shiny, it has 10 subs, a coffemaker, a microphone to yell at people oustside of the car, a new cd/dvd player, a karaoke machine in the trunk, and usually some sort of personal item, such as for the fat black guy, they would put a microwave in, instead of a glove compartment.

The hysterical black girl, or the fat black guy show up and are stunned by the car. They jump up and down as they are told, and yell loudly out of excitement. Xzibit then pulls up on the persons shirt and slowly lets go, signifying that their car has been pimped. There is then a montage of clips of Xzibit rapping on the karaoke machine, and Xzibit laughing, then the credits roll.

Here's Xzibit in 10 years...